I watched 'The Expendables 3' in theaters

posted on 13 Sep 2014 20:47 by premiuminsomnia26
I find all 3 expandables flipping awesome, i like the fact you have good action and drama thrown in and magic comedy moments, problem with action movies today they take their self too serious, years ago you had the action with magic comedy thrown in at times. just my opinion, this film i loved, the story is simple to follow the action i say is good enough, snipes i am glad is back in movies he was magic here, ford still kicks ass for an old man, stallone still cuts it today teaches action stars today how it is done, schwarznegger still magic in his part fun to watch him, bandaras so funny in it and holds his own well, jason stathem still magic in his role, lunggren wow always good he is, crews still holds his magic love the big guy, colture as toll road love this guy ufc legend. mel gibson as the villian outstanding, the rest of the actors are magic even the newcomers. the acting is very good. i don't care if you get people slating this films, don't like them go and watch twilight. overall i think 9 out of 10 i enjoyed it. and the direction was good too.

These dudes are gonna be in walkers and wheelchairs hooked up to oxygen tanks making the 20th movie of this series and morons will still pay to see it. I just came here to state my opinion about these retarded movies.. If you actually go to the movies and pay for this your retarded.. Thanks and have a good day. yep deleted it after 20 minutes "the expendables 3 full movie at most! as soon as the shit hits the fan in somalia i deleted it and that 20 minutes was same old same old! i have to disagree! although expendables "like all action movies" is a load of bullshit! that's only because ive watched so many action movies i give up! the newer generation should appreciate the special effects compared to back in the day! i found expendables 1 and 2 to have although unbelievable! really well done action scenes. ps stallone for a 68yr old man looks in unbelievable shape! no wrinkles and he's still shredded with unbelievably huge forearms lol that's impossible! even with steroids! hrt! he looks barely 50. well i am just gonna say first you are gonna have people who hate these films better than what you call action movies today,

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